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Street / Area Lighting 150W

This slick and modren luminaire has been designed to handle any environment. With a beautiful slimline design along with one of the highest lumen performance on the market, this versatile fixture can be used as a flood light or an area light. Including a multirude of mounting options, surge protection devices, IOT photocell capability, and the most technologically advanced LED's on the market, the LED6099 is ready to conquer the lighting landscape.

Category: Street Light & Area Light

LED Brand: Philips

Model Number: ES-HL-PL15WCV

Optional Installation: Compared with the existing technology, the lighting module is installed on the bracket, and has the advantages of safety and reliability, and does not fall off. When the LED area light lamp is installed in an illuminated module, the fastening bolt (fastening connector) at both ends of the lighting module can play the role of self-locking and push and can ensure that the lighting module is not slipped from the support. The limitation of the general bracket opening can be solved, and the specific use occasions of the LED area light lamp can be additively extended.

Door Frame:The door frame is designed simple to use hinge access so allowing installers to be hands-free when entering electrical compartment. This saves time and money.

Integrated Heatsink: Integrated cooling fin provides excellent thermal dissipation. this design allows the fixture to have extremely long lifetime hours.

Photocontrol: Optional Photocontrol allows for further energy saving.

PC Lens is Easy to Replace : Modular design, large, medium and small size, uniform PC lens, easy to replace.

Pole Mount: Pole mounting is designed to complement the fixture's aerodynamic shape. By future reducing the fixture's drag, this product is suitable for harsher environments. 

Street Lights, Parking Lots, 


HL-PL15WCV - 150W


Lumen Output




3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 5700K, 6500K








Light Source


Lumileds (LUXEON 3030 2D) PHILIPS

System Watts






Input Voltage

100-277V / 200-480V Optional 


Power Factor






Surge Protection

      10KV Current Surge - SP1- PHILIPS





Operating Temp


-40 C to +55 C


IP Rating



Dimming Control


1-10V.DMX.DALI Optional


Life Span

L70, >120000h


Light Distriputior


Type2-M, Type3-S, Type3-M,  Type4-S, Type5-M,  90 x120 , 30 , 45 , 60



UL, CUL, CE, SAA, DLC 4.3 Premium