Warranty Commitments

ElectroStar Inc. is recognized for its reputable high quality products and professional service. We offer product testing and warranties on all our products. Product Testing is a valuable process to maintain high quality product standard. We offer a 1 year warranty for all of our products as well as a 5 year warranty with the manufacturer.

 We put our customers first and find the best solution to analyze all of their concerns. Our customer service team is eager to work with all of our clients to resolve any issues. We supply, install, and service our products to keep our clients hassle free and relieved.


Warranty Summary

Electrostar Inc. assures that the products being advertised are free of defects due to various product testing and proofings. As a seller, the product falls under the circumstances only under the selected 1-year warranty. This warranty activates from the original purchase date of the product. As for the buyer, they must be original purchasers. A product should not be immediately determined as defected by buyer due to very slight defects of the LED lights. Seller has full discretion to analyze and decide whether a warranty claim applies under request.


Making a Warranty Claim

Making a claim must be followed by standardized conditions which are listed as followed. The claim must be requested within 30 days of the issue. Remove the defected product prior to inspection. As per paperwork, a copy of the original receipt/invoice will be required to determine the product number and proof of purchase. Refunds are not applicable within the rights of the warranty. After the inspection, if the product is determined to be defected, a few steps will be followed. (1) The Seller (ElectroStar) will repair the current product to find a solution for the defect for the Buyer (Client). Seller is authorized to use new parts in a situation of repair. (2) the Seller will redeem the Buyer with a replacement product identical with the same specifications and standards. (3) If the product is on special order, Buyer has to wait for product to be modified and ordered with the same specifications as the previously defected product originally was. Shipping charges must be covered by Buyer and is excluded from Warranty in a situation of special order. Limited warranty is automatically not applicable if the product is not being used for what it is designed for. However the process will proceed, the warranty period will continue for the product from the original purchase date.

Conditions that fall under the Warranty agreement do not include situations or issues such as, any damage to the product due to:

-Mistreatment of the product (abusing, misusing, vandalizing).

-Installation methods are wrong.

-Storage conditions is unsafe (Temperature, chemicals, water).

-Natural disasters (Heavy storm, earthquake, hurricane, tornado).

-Fire erupting causing damage to products.

-Using the wrong power supply ruling against the specifications,

-Installing in an unsafe environment (Chemicals, water, heat, freezing temperatures).

-Custom product modification without authorization.

-Accidents caused to products in Buyers property or possession.

-Wrong operating system.

-Damages due to an unauthorized service of the product’s repair by someone other than the Seller or its service.

The limited warranty excludes all costs which include, labour, freight, and service charges that are related to the repair or replacement of the defected product. All warranty claims should be addressed to the supplier directly.


Terms & Conditions

No sources of individuals have been authorized to modify or extend the warranty of our products verbally, in writing, or in any form. These individuals include: Distributors, salespersons, retailers or such representatives that are excluded from top management.

As per clients buying products from ElectroStar, we reserve the right to replace or repair the claimed product at its exclusive right. This should be the only solution and responsibility for every product that is being claimed for warranty from the Buyer. Defective products that are eligible to be replaced will either be the current or newer model of product, but not a used product. 

The Seller shall never be liable for secondary, major, or unintended damages. The Seller’s combined responsibility only covers the selected defected product’s repair or replacement and this excludes any amount paid to Seller for service, shipping, or any other charges being covered during the process of a claim.

The warranty conditions apply effectively on the purchase of the product onwards of the set date below. Seller has the right to modify the terms and conditions to the warranty at any time. As per a change and adjustment in the warranty, all orders purchased shall be effective of the new warranty on or after the date of the newly updated warranty.


Effective Date: May 15th, 2017

*Subject to change without notice.